How To Start A Human Hair Weave & Extensions Business With No Money

The human hair extensions industry is indeed a booming multi-billion dollar one. It’s no wonder so many hair companies are starting up these days with the aim of cashing up in this ever booming industry. From the beauty supply store to the guy in the back of the truck selling hair extensions.

The Cost of Starting a Human Hair Weave & Extensions Business

Unlike some businesses that are easy to start with little capital, starting a hair company requires a huge sum of investment. Selling Remy human hair extensions requires huge investment upfront, I’m talking thousands of dollars. This is also especially due to the fact that you have to purchase these human hair extensions in different lengths, colours and textures.

Here’s a little estimation on how much this could cost you initially: Getting the cheapest Brazilian Straight Hair at 10 inches will cost approximately £15 – £20 per 100g bundle. This increases as the lengths go longer and remember you are looking to have a variety of lengths from 8 – 30. For each bundle, you would also be thinking about getting at-least 3 for each of them, in case someone needs to purchase a bundle for example (very popular option). So that’s 3 X 10 inches, 3 X 12 inches, 3 X 14 inches, etc up to longer lengths. Once you are done with Straight, you have to do the same for Body Wave, Deep Curly, Afro Kinky, Lace Closures, Ombre Hair, clip in hair extensions and so on.

As you can imagine you will be looking at something in the range of at least £7000 – £10,000 for starters. Once you have some human hair extensions in stock, you will then need to start thinking about opening a website to sell your remy human hair extensions, marketing your new hair business, and establishing ways on how to start selling your human hair extensions to customers.

So with the high cost of investment in starting a human hair extensions business, how can you really avoid these and still launch a successful hair business?

Option 1 – Become a Hair Distributor

Have you wondered how people with little or no capital are starting their own human hair extensions business? They are selling hair using a simple method called hair dropshipping. Dropshipping is basically when you (the seller) holds nothing in stock and only buys the hair from the supplier after the customer has ordered. This is a very popular choice because you don’t need huge capital to get started. All you need is a good website and most importantly a reliable hair supplier to work with.

Once you have an agreement to work with the supplier, you simply list their products on your website (as if it were yours) with your own prices (higher than the suppliers wholesale prices of course), When a customer buys from you, they pay you immediately and the money does into your own bank account. You then place the same order with your supplier (only paying their lower prices), and keying in your customers details at checkout. Your hair supplier then processes and ships the hair order out directly to your customers. You sit back, relax and keep your profits. So you could actually be running your own business anywhere in the world even whilst on holidays as long as you have access to the internet. All you have to do is advertise your business, pass customers orders to the supplier when they buy and keep the profits.

Option 2 – Become a Hair Affiliate

In order to become an affiliate, you need to find a reliable hair company that actually runs an affiliate program to work with. Becoming an affiliate is usually easier compared to becoming a distributor. This is simply because as a hair affiliate you don’t actually have to go through the stress of creating a website. Usually you will receive a unique affiliate link from the company which you can share around and everytime someone makes a sale through that link, you earn a commision.

The only limitation you have as an affiliate is that you can only promote the actual business itself and not your own brand. This is perfect for those who just want to earn some extra cash and are not really fussy on promoting another hair company as long as they are earning a buck. This is also great for people who already have a fashion, beauty or hair blog and are looking to add an extra source on income by advertising hair to their existing followers or subscribers.

How To Start A Hair Extensions Business With No Money

So where can you find a reliable hair supplier, distributor or dropshipper? Yes Weave is the answer.

Yes Weave offers probably the best hair affiliate and distributor program to anyone thinking about starting their own business selling human hair extensions. You can either join as an affiliate or a distributor. Yes Weave not only sells 100% virgin human hair at affordable prices, but offers people with a passion for hair the opportunity to start their own hair business. Products range from hair weaves to clip in extensions, lace closures, lace frontal wigs, fusion & bonded hair, ombre hair, giving its users a huge variety to cash in from. There is even wholesale hair available for those looking to purchase some stock before hand. Yes Weave offers full training and support to all its members, free hair samples, marketing & advertising tools, creates your own hair business website for you, a 14 day refund/exchange policy meaning you can shop with confidence. Yes Weave is based in the UK but available to users in almost every part of the world.

So if you are looking for a great way to start your own hair extensions business but are a little tight on cash, then why not get started today at


So these are two amazing ways to start your own hair business, selling human hair extensions with no upfront cash. The verdict is, if you want to build a long term business and brand selling human hair extensions , then become a distributor. However if you are just looking to make some extra cash selling remy human hair extensions, then you can always start as an affiliate.