How to bleach your hair bundles from black to blonde Ombre

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How to bleach your Hair Bundles from Black to Blonde Ombre

In our latest video, we show you show to bleach your black hair bundles from black to blonde ombre. Bleaching your black hair from black to blonde ombre is a very smooth process and can actually be done from the comfort of your home. However if you are not great at bleaching black hair or have never done so before, then it is recommended that you start by first of all testing the bleach on some black hair samples or strands just to see how well it reacts to the bundles, then once you feel comfortable bleaching the black hair strips, you can then emulate the same strategy for the the full bundles.

To achieve more of a bleach blonde effect, it is best not to bleach the dark hair bundles as over bleaching will be needed to achieve that blonde hair effect. So if you are looking to achieve a blonde ombre then this steps work perfectly.

More information on bleaching black hair to blonde ombre can be seen below.

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