Difference Between Brazilian & Malaysian Hair

So what exactly are the differences between Brazilian and Malaysian Hair. The article will discuss the difference between the Brazilian hair extension and Malaysian hair extensions and should help you make a better purchase decision based on our characteristics below.

Brazilian Hair

The Brazilian hair comes in a variation of colors and lengths. The hair, when compared to the Indian locks, is a lot shinier and silkier. The Brazilian hair has a tendency of having a shiny appearance and feel. The users of the Brazilian hair can find it in various textures such as wavy, straight or even curly. Even though, the straight textures might or be fully straight, they do sometimes have some form of waves. The major advantage of the Brazilian hair is through its potential of holding the curl well, and it is relatively longer when compared to the Malaysian hair. The hair is both smooth and soft. The texture of the Brazilian hair has a tendency of varying amid the natural straight to the full bounce wave’s hairs. When the Brazilian hair is cared for in the correct way, it can last for an elongated period. There is no special type of treatment or maintenance that is needed for the Brazilian hair. In most cases, the hair will match all the hairstyles. 

Malaysian Hair

Unlike the Brazilian hair the Malaysian hair initially seems to be shinier but after a two to three washes its will resume to a more natural look. The Malaysian hair curls do not loosen or drop but will maintain their premier form for the rest of the day after washing. Similar to the Brazilian hair one does not need any product to keep the Malaysian hair curls in shape. One should refrain from using oil spray in the Malaysian hair as it can make it wiggy and shinier. This is the core reason as to why the majority of the hair experts states that people using the Malaysian hair needs not to use too much oil spray. The Malaysian hair is also softer and silkier regarding its textures. If an individual prefers to have a thick and vast hair volume, the Malaysian hair is usually the best option. Similar to the Brazilian hair, the Malaysian hair also works very well with the different hair styles. The hair is naturally black and straight. Due to its nature, the Malaysian hair can appear dry when a person fails to oil properly. For one to prevent the hair from appearing dry, one should use an enough amount of muster after the second reuse of this type of hair.

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